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List and Profile

Scroll through all your client’s list to spot check the data. Select any client to review that selected client’s information in dedicated profiles page. Update licenses and contacts information right from here, to be reflected in integrated ERP and reflected in business documents like invoices and reports

Easy money exchange

Leverage home-grown state of the art made in India payment mechanisms

Document Management

Store documents related to each of your client. This could be copies of their tax registration certificate, legal licenses, contracts and agreements or any other you want to keep record of.

Messaging and Sharing

Quick-share client’s bank information, tax registration numbers with other transacting parties and/or your business associates. Easily communicate with your clients using information in the Directory, but with your device-native apps and tools that you are already used to.

Advanced Search

Find one or more clients with name or location quickly, click on any client from this filtered list and get all their information.

Public Information lookup

Lookup and verify your client’s information using public GSTIN database



Ease of use

Feature-centric app with limited pages simplifies navigation and helps finding relevant information quickly and data actionable.


Enable Workforce

Let your team have basic customer information on-the-go to facilitate interactions and unhindered communication channels


Information Accuracy

Simple forms to add, review and edit customer information helps users keep the data up-to-date with no hassles of logging in into a complex system and navigating to correct pages. Backend integration with ERP helps keep the feed up-to-date from server.


Eliminate Data Duplication

Any data-bank is only as good as it is easy for user to find required information quickly and easily. Limitations here will lead the user to maintain separate set of data, organized and optimized for their workflow. This app provides a simplified client-centric view of complex data in ERP, to simplify working for users interacting with clients


Click to Connect

No need to type in a phone number from ERP screen to call a customer, or copy email address only to paste in email client anymore. Click on the contact information for communication channel you’d like to use and start your conversation. With customer contact information available on device of your choice, the device which also has communication apps you are comfortable with (like phone, email, sms), we can stitch the two together for integrated experience.


How can you use Carbonshelf Directory?

Carbonshelf Directory is a free tool built into your carbonshelf account so you can start using it right away.

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