Every small & medium enterprise
harnessing the power of technology
to grow and prosper.



Build an ecosystem of
tools, processes and services that enables
small and medium enterprises to
adopt, upgrade and embrace technology.

Record, Track, Analyse, Enhance


Carbonshelf is on a mission to help enterprises be efficient and unlock their growth potential. Carbonshelf does this by taking the burden of managing day-to-day operations from businesses with its simple, powerful and integrated technology solutions. Carbonshelf provides Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software as a cloud-based service. With its state-of-the-art innovative solutions for traditional problems, teams using Carbonshelf can achieve more and shift focus from mundane activities of running business, to growing business.
People and Values


Carbonshelf is founded by engineering leaders who bring immense experience of startups as well as large corporations. They have led startups from product inception to successful exit. They have been in leadership roles at Microsoft (USA), driving large scale engineering to build massive cloud-based software, services and distributed systems when there were none. They have worked in different geographies and guided dispersed teams to sprint in tandem. They understand the importance of agility, process and quality. The result – thought leadership and technical superiority of Carbonshelf’s product offering.
Carbonshelf brings passion for innovation and scientific progress. We value curiosity for major technological advances to build simple solutions for challenges faced by society. Our culture is competitive, yet caring; members are supported, challenged, listened to and intellectually stimulated. Our people have an unusual blend of passion, dedication, and energy. They are creative and insightful, tenacious problem solvers and enjoy working in teams. This vibrant environment inevitably brings out the best in everyone. If you want to play a part in developing Carbonshelf’s next breakthrough ideas, come join our journey, we will value you.


With immense technical depth, breadth working with enterprises and right mix of passion and motivation, Carbonshelf started as modest enterprise software and has evolved into a world-class ERP system. With our ability to envision and implement complex technologies into simple features, we have made CarbonShelf simple to use, versatile for any industry and powerful to make a positive impact to business. We are proud servicing our customers and eager to help more grow with our solutions.