Tax & Gst

With CarbonShelf, you are in safe hands – take charge of applying all taxes as relevant to you to your invoices. The software is flexible to not block you when tax rules or rates change

Rule based enforcement

Mandatory or optional. For example, GST could be made mandatory while any other relevant tax could be optional. Optional taxes will be available to operator, to add while generating order. Accountants can also edit order and add / edit appropriate taxes

Key Benefits

CarbonShelf comes with a proprietary, highly configurable tax engine which is capable of handling a variety of tax scenarios with button clicks. Configure GST or VAT or TDS or any other tax the way you want and let the software do its magic

Segregate Input & Output of same tax type

Segregate Input and Output of same tax type for easy set-off calculation and reconciliation. Once configured, system will automatically attribute tax as Asset or Liability!

Keep your ledgers simple and intuitive

Define tax rate per product, instead of ledger per tax rate. Know exactly the tax credits for each product bought and sold

Multiple tax calculation modes

Percentage of monetary amount, multiple of product quantity or absolute