CarbonShelf Inventory module provides the breadth to account varied inventory types. The module has depth in integration with various other modules to give you firm grasp on this critical resource for your enterprise

Inventory & Transformation

Use your inventory for trading directly, or use raw material to produce finished goods, CarbonShelf supports all your business scenarios for you to manage your resources with discipline and discoverable manner. Our tracking tools give you the ability to find source for each batch of finished good, all the way to vendor and consignment. Inventory is adjusted automatically based on usage / production during transformation processes

Inventory & Accounting

Inventory is fully integrated with Accounting. Dedicated ledger created per inventory item and current value of inventory-on-hand automatically updated upon usage. Key metrices like Cost of Goods Manufactured (COGM) and Cost of Goods Sold (COGS) available in real-time.

Flexible Stock Item definition

Powerful, yet consistent


A plethora of reports are available to help you assess impact of inventory held, understand trends in inventory flow and estimate inventory requirements. Get insights with our point-in-time reports, inventory-flow reports, top reports, trend charts and several more. Each report available with multitude of filters, grouping capabilities and jog in time ability to give you the perspective best suited for your needs. Some example reports are – Point-In-Time Inventory Quantity and Value, Inventory flow over time, Usage Reports, Ageing Reports, Threshold