April 02, 2021


Model Centric Actions

  • System exposed Custom Actions control voucher lifecycle
  • Configure actions in workflow during state change for better control
  • Out of the box – Commit, Un-Comit, Open and Close actions available

Configuration Validations

  • Configurable validators available to run every time a voucher is saved
  • Reject updates to voucher if validations failed
  • Add validations to your custom voucher, or tweak on system defined vouchers
  • Validators available:¬†parentIsActiveCommitted, restrictQuantityToParent, parentMustExist
  • More Validators to come; feel free to request one for your specific environment and process

Letter of Credit

  • New type of voucher – Letter of Credit
  • Track your letters of credit in the system
  • Store all key information about the LC – Requestor, Beneficiary, exchange rate etc.
  • Attach key documents like approval letter, SWIFT copy, etc. to the voucher itself for ease of referencing and discovery


Company Header

  • Professional reports for your enterprise with pre-built letter-head in all exported pdf of reports
  • Configure the look and feel with company logo, address and contact information

User Interface

Title Bar

  • Personalize app look and feel to your organization. Add you logo to title-bar for professional look

Image Gallery

  • Enhanced UI for consistency