December 16, 2019

As the CarbonShelf core solidifies, we are ready to take on multitude of complex and diverse scenarios woven together in seamless fashion for you. CarbonShelf adds fresh perspective to ever-increasingly complex data flow in enterprises with technology enabled solutions. At CarbonShelf, we are not afraid of venturing into uncharted territories and bring to life real, meaningful integrations for you to manage and expand your business. 


  • Introducing Ledger Enabled Resources (LER)
  • Define LERs like Products, Customers and Vendors, Tax definitions only once and share system-wide, across multiple companies
  • Automatically create accounting ledgers for LERs in any reporting period under any company
  • Dramatic improvements in Carry-Forward scenarios to help you manage multiple companies easily during those year-end crunch times

Online Gateway

  • Customize your public pages like Privacy, Contact-Us with rich editing capabilities
  • Work-in-progress dynamic page for Products is available for your review
  • Review completeness of select public pages in CarbonShelf before creating website


  • Virtual Products
    • Define Virtual Product, a Group that can contain several physical products
    • Review inventory for all Virtual Products, which would be cumulative inventory of all products under the virtual product
    • Filter based on Virtual Product and Premise

Migration and Integration

  • Import ‘inventory’ and cost of acquisition for non-stock items; no more punching those statements from your Share Broker into software
  • Get your orders and consignment data in CSV format and we can work with you to import all data in bulk to simplify migrations

Keep up with us and you will be pleasantly surprised with Innovations and our determination. Keep your feedback flowing!