September 25, 2020

Carbonshelf takes a big leap in making the system fluid to accommodate processes specific to your business with Carbonshelf Custom Forms

Plug Custom Forms along with other modules mentioned below to self-design your ERP system to suit your specific processes and work-culture.

  • Carbonshelf State Machine Workflow
  • Custom Properties
  • Business Documents

Custom Forms

Custom Voucher Types

  • Create your business specific vouchers using Carbonshelf Standard Vouchers, like ‘Forecast Sales Order’
  • Deep configuration available to define order/consignment mode, direction, parent-child, module listing and others as listed below

Document Linking

  • Complete configuration for all print versions with your voucher
  • Add default print view for your newly-defined voucher
  • Add additional documents supported with your voucher

Customize View with Capabilities and Custom Properties

  • Use Carbonshelf Capabilities to hide fields not relevant in the form
  • Rename standard fields to match your industry jargon
  • Add additional fields using Carbonshelf Custom Properties


  • Promote your voucher as business critical by enabling Artifacts on it
  • Manage numbering scheme, date scheme and related modes


Recipe Cloning

  • Use existing recipes as template to write new ones
  • Easily change your existing recipes as processes evolve and materials updated
  • Maintain multiple versions of recipe to account for different generations and makes of machines


  • Filter finished good requirement based on existing incoming and outgoing orders
  • Find raw material required to build the required finished good with a click of a button

Custom Properties

Extend standard forms with more fields at your will, to suit your specific processes.

Typed Properties

  • Referenced Properties will provide you hint for value by referencing another place, like Bank Name or Transporter Name
  • Data Properties will help you provide values consistently, like date time.

Position-Linked Properties

  • Voucher Properties
  • Carrier-Linked Properties can be attached to different stages of shipment, like Pre-Carrier, Carrier and On-Carrier
  • Station-Linked Properties can be attached to different stations of a shipment, like Port of Origin, Port of Discharge, etc.
  • Logistics-Linked Properties can be attached to all logistics related end-points with single definition.


Business Contracts

  • Define your specific Business Contracts with existing stencils
  • Customize Contracts as you would customize any other standard document in Carbonshelf
  • Impose numbering scheme by promoting the contract as a Carbonshelf Artifact

Resource Print Layout

  • Print all your resources like vouchers in layout and manner you want

Resource-Linked Documents

  • Control which documents are to be generated with which business resource

Shared Documents

  • Mark any contract as shareable
  • Define Challenge Questions for each type of Resource
  • Use Carbonshelf Resource Sharing to let customers and vendors review the documents easily and securely

Inventory Forecasting

Order Fulfillment

  • Find Product-wise ordered quantity remaining to fulfill
  • Drill-down to find specific orders that are yet to complete
  • Filter report by direction, to find Sales and Purchase orders remaining to fulfill

Finished Goods Forecast

  • Find Product-wise inventory level considering all pending sale, purchase, current inventory and transformations
  • Various drill-downs available to find list of pending sales / purchase orders, date-wise forecast flow or BOM for remaining quantity

Finished Goods Forecast Flow

  • Plan your deliveries more effectively
  • Review future inventory-levels in ledger-style date-wise report to find potential inventory gaps

Raw Material Forecast

  • Single-click BOM for required inventory for any product


Advanced Filter

  • Find exactly the data you need in your forecast reports
  • Filter forecast reports based on advanced parameters like product specifications or voucher-types

Advanced Search

  • Recipe Advanced Search
  • Voucher Advanced Search
  • Search with advanced parameters like status, products-id, specifications, etc.

Online Gateway

Product Detail Page

  • Make detailed information about each of your product available on internet
  • Add images of your product and educate your customers with complete specifications and product gallery

This is a major upgrade to Carbonshelf, touching every aspect. These features, however, are ground work for our future extensions to the product. We have unlocked a plethora of new scenarios now, which we will continue to work on. Expect more fun in this area and jump in to experiment and experience power of true software.