September 15, 2022

Enhanced Notifications  

  • Simplified configuration with templates  
  • Re-usable templates can be attached to voucher state transitions for maximum configurability

WhatsApp integration 

  • Send notifications to your customers over whatsapp automatically right from within Carbonshelf. 
  • Configure templates like order booked, order shipped or any other to your liking
  • Send links to your invoices for your customer to download right from within whatsapp chat message

Enforce Service Quota based on subscription offering, with Rate Limiters 

  • Allow user complete use of their allocated service usage quota
  • Replenish quota automatically for smoother, seamless experience

Minor Fixes 

  • Digital Signature App – UI fit-n-finish
    • Stock Premise Inventory Report 
    • PDF download
  • Data correction
    • Store bank account information for all customers
    • Detailed information like ifsc code, micr code also stored
  • Document Assets were not accessible