November 10, 2019

CarbonShelf is expanding its reach so it is connected, integrated and facilitates seamless data-flow between heterogenous systems. Go ahead and open doors for scenarios that seemed inconceivable up until now.

Online Gateway

  • Get more elaborate website with single click
  • Multiple pages, like Contact Us, Privacy, About Us, etc. added automatically
  • Navigation Menu added automatically that links to all the default pages
  • Our Diwali offer of free website customization is still on. Grab it while it is available.


  • Inventory Flow 
    • Inventory flow akin to accounting ledger. 
    • See opening, In, Out and Closing over months for any product, packaging, batch in any warehouse
    • Filter based on product, premise, start date and end date
  • Current Inventory
    • Renewed current inventory report to be much more efficient and easy to use
    • Get Stock Quantity and Stock Value of current inventory, together, side by side
    • Filter based on product and premise


  • Upgraded to beefier server for better performance
  • Automated tests to ensure same quality every time upgrade is deployed

We are working integrating with more service providers who generate / store your data. If you have specific requirements and/or suggestions, please let us know