January 20, 2020

Ever had to deal with Inventory? Then read on and you will be excited. CarbonShelf does a focused release to help you manage, report and advertise Products and Inventory. Several of these areas are particularly hard; we are proud the team has been able to simplify them into usable solutions for you, so you can focus on expanding your business.


  • Inventory data available for Aging Analysis
  • Break inventory opening balance into discrete chunks and provide procurement date, quantity, cost, etc. per chunk
  • Enable COGS (Cost of Goods Sold) mode and system will maintain sale to purchase chunk mapping
  • Review Sold Inventory bucketed in time chunks of source like ‘<1 Day’, ‘<1 Year’, ‘>1 Year’.
  • Use the data for business analysis or for regulatory and/or tax reporting


  • Added more flavors to Point-In-Time inventory reports
    • Virtual Product Inventory – cumulative inventory of a group of products, across all premises
    • Product + Packaging Inventory – cumulative inventory of a product, across all batches and premises
    • Stock Item Inventory – most granular form of inventory, for a given product batch
  • Various filters available for you to slice and dice the data for deeper analysis
    • Filter based on Product, Packaging, Batch and Premise, as and where applicable.
    • Get Inventory on any past date which is immensely helpful for forensics, understanding trends or general planning
  • Each report drill-downs to more granular form of report

Online Gateway

  • Dynamic Pages – these pages are built on-the-fly, using your data in CarbonShelf.
    • Products page displays your product catalogue from CarbonShelf in e-commerce style grid view. Bonus feature – the page will also show real-time stock level per product, picked up directly from CarbonShelf. Keep your customers updated, add structure to impromptu inventory enquiries, all with real time data and with class.
    • Contact-Us  page picks all your premises from CarbonShelf and shows the addresses in list view as well as on google map. Need to guide your customer to your warehouse? Do it in style, point them to your own Contact-Us page
  • Prepare your website with following pages, with a click of a button – Home, About-Us, Products, Contact-Us and Privacy. Now that is as convenient as it can get to bring your business online! Did we mention this will be at no additional cost to your business?

More on inventory to come in upcoming releases. While we are at it, let us know if you’d like to see something in particular in this area and we shall bake it in the plan for you.