April 8, 2019

Welcome to the new fiscal year and new calendar year! We wish your business propels to new heights this year. CarbonShelf, the modern state-of-the-art Cloud Service is working relentlessly to help you in this journey. Some highlights of this week’s upgrades are:


  • Enter the new fiscal year with updated Carry Forward functionality. Take all your ledgers, groups and opening balances into new year with just a click of a button!
  • Enhanced entry-add form for quick responses – ideal for bulk data entry during those crunch times
  • Save time in finding that entry you want to change – Search based on various parameters:
    • Custom Tags – Create and assign colors to Tags. Tag your entries and voila, these entries are visible with the tagged color!
    • Complex search form to find entry based on Narration, ledger name, entry type, entry number, dr/cr, amount, tag, date/period
  • Multi-Currency
    • View ledger statements and entries in Customer’s currency

Multi-Company Accounting

  • Create accounting books for sub-companies
  • Seamlessly switch between different accounts and reporting periods
  • Create user-accounts for your branch offices and grant access to only sub-companies


  • One place to configure series for your invoices, delivery memos and other artifacts
  • Fine Grain control on series – set series for documents, custom documents, templated documents
  • Simplify managing series for every reporting period – mark series as dependent on reporting period and the system will automatically adjust serial numbers per reporting period for you 
  • Transition to online system easily from any existing system by setting watermark for each series type.
  • Interop with your manual system easily – edit Number and/or Date for your artifacts like invoices generated manually but added into system at a later time.


  • Sales Order, Proforma Invoice
  • Export Accounting Entries and Reports like Balance-Sheet, Ledger Statement, Trial Balance, Profit & Loss into CSV, Excel and PDF formats

CarbonShelf demonstrates technical superiority and thought leadership with its innovative solutions for traditional problems. We thank our supporters for being with us. We urge watchers to try the service to know how it can help transform businesses.