January 15, 2022

  1. Cleanup UI of all the tables in the system for consistency and usability
  2. New user-role, Business Reports, for executive decision makers who need simplified view to review process and trends
  3. Optimize user experience by enforce authorization on links and allowing users to click only on links they are authorized for.
  4. Fix number representation on charts to align with tenant’s config for precision
  5. Website update – about us now reflect new office space!
  6. Enforce user to have a reporting period
  7. Optimizations
  8. Consignment cloning – allows user to clone an order to create consignment. Simplifies data-entry, especially where order:consignment correspond 1:1
  9. Advanced Search for Accounting Entries
  10. Allow users to add custom entry-types
  11. Ability to add tags to entries for quick referral and review. Tags are color-coded to make them stand-out
  12. Disallow deleting an accounting entry if already linked with another voucher