August 30, 2021

Diagnostics and Troubleshooting

Source and Sink Chunk Validations

  • Display sink and source chunk quantity and cost validation for selected product.
  • Run validations, and highlight incorrect data
  • Allows to fix specific row, or all broken entries in batch operation

Product COGS Propagation and Distribution

  • Propagation report displays each line item in each consignment with corresponding COGS value, InventoryChunks and CogsLedger.
  • Distribution report displays Voucher wise cogs value for OE, InventoryChunks and CogsLedger for selected product.
  • Data is validated and broken records highlighted
  • Link to Voucher Entry Items Report, where broken records can be fixed

Product Cost Distribution

  • Shows the Productwise Total Acquisition cost = Total Inventory ledger value + Total Cogs ledger value. If mismatch found leads to product-cogs-distribution report

Entries Date Validation

  • Validator to match Entries date with the Order date. If date mismatch found, can fix it rowise

Voucher Total Cost Entry

  • Simple validator to check voucher wise Total Voucher amount against Total Accounting Entry amount. If mismatch found, leads to Voucher Entry Item report where entry can be fixed

Voucher Entry Items Report

  • Verify Accounting entry for a voucher with re-calculated entry. If mismatch found allows to fix it

Voucher Taxes

  • Tool to update the taxes added in voucher/consignment

Manage Inventory

  • Tool to fix the inventory related table values
  • Refresh Rollup: recalculate and refresh roll-up for a given stock item
  • Inventory chunk: find and fix broken inventory chunks

Accounting Reports

  • New Stock Item Register to mimic Tally style report for easy comparison during transitions