March 18, 2019

Highlight of this release is a brand new feature – Artifacts. Read on to know more…


  • Introducing Artifacts :- a brand new way to manage online forms and documents
  • Each significant form and document in the system is an artifact
  • Generate unique id for each artifact. Ids are available for cross-referencing in paper-trails.
  • Use artifacts to generate id even for custom documents. Ids are available as placeholders which can be referred in other documents’ reference section
  • More coming in this area to customize behavior.

Document Management

  • Customization
    • Build document trail for any transaction by chaining documents together. Add custom tracking information in your documents
    • Add references to two other forms and/or documents in references section
    • Customize title of Invoices and Packing Lists – generating ‘Tax Invoice’ and ‘Exports Invoice’ is just configuration now.
    • Show/hide batch number in packing list
  • Certificate of Analysis
    • Proof of innovation, demonstrates ease of use with our multi-format documents.
    • Available in two formats – List and Table. Print the one that suits you and your customer’s needs
  • Delivery Memo
    • go ahead and de-couple delivery and invoicing. Send Delivery Memo with consignment, refer to memo in Invoice later.


  • Configure and define high precision values and constraints for product specifications
  • Various minor bug-fixes in Accounting, Orders, Products and Documents

Our cool and innovative features like Placeholders, Artifacts, Catalogues and Capabilities are coming closer and integrating well to shape new sets of powerful features. These new features are unique to CarbonShelf and immensely powerful to help you integrate various facets of your business. The Record and Track aspects of CarbonShelf have already proved useful by most of you! Lets keep the feedback flowing so together we build a system that help us simplify processes and enhance business.


  • Transporter and Bank name in consignment has dash appended to it
  • Bank Account line in document footer did not have all the licenses and registrations
  • Accounting information not getting saved on saving new consignment
  • Batch Number visibility configurable
  • Accounting voucher printing
  • Placeholder variable names consistency
  • Account Entries index page – amounts incorrect