June 12, 2019

Nagpur has been burning for weeks now. Carbon Shelf team has been sweating too, not because of the summer heat but in building cool new features for you. Here is an update on what’s cooking:


  • Artifacts are now Consistent, Richer and Flexible than ever
  • Deeper configuration for artifact numbering with following added options:
    • Prefix and Suffix
    • Separator
    • Numbering mode – auto, manual, auto+manual
  • Other options already supported are:
    • Series
    • Reporting Period
    • Watermark
  • Broader Support
    • Use Artifacts now to define numbering scheme for other business process entities like Job Orders, Accounting Entries, Orders, Consignments.
    • Artifact numbering already supported for documents, document templates and custom documents
    • Consistency simplifies usage by making software more intuitive for user.


  • A plethora of new placeholders added so your custom documents can be as automated as possible
  • Placeholder available from Orders, Consignments, Logistics, and Cost areas.
  • Some examples: 
    • Order Number, Consignment Number,
    • Material Cost, Non Material Cost, Total Cost, etc. for Order and Consignment
    • …and several more


  • Control which documents are allowed for every customers and vendor
  • Enable / Disable Bank and Licenses line in Invoices


  • Nice horizontal bar filled with widgets to help you filter and drill down into reports easily.
  • We have sneaked in the Toolbar in various list pages and reports with more widgets and options in it.
  • Another example of how our consistent feature sets are making software more intuitive and easy to use for you.

Cost Accounting

  • A glimpse of what else has been cooking – Support for automated *Cost Accounting*
  • See in real-time the cost of each of your consignments and there by, net revenue

Monsoon is around the corner, to make a splash and bring relief to you. So will our upcoming features for your business. We are striving hard to help simplify your day-to-day working and at the same time give insights in your business in real time basis to help grow your business.