October 5, 2019

CarbonShelf has a revamped website! Check us out at https://www.carbonshelf.com to know the extensive capabilities and uniqueness of our Product


  • Revamped Inventory module that is even more integrated with Vouchers and Accounting
  • Inventory data available per Product, Packaging and Batch
  • Inventory trackable per premise/site, per reporting period
  • Simplified, consistent and pervasive support for inventory information

Services and Service Fee

  • Start seeing support for Services
  • Configure products with absolute cost
  • Add services (like carting) to your consignments and print them in your invoices
  • Apply specific taxes to service fee


  • More customization options for documents
  • Customize documents to add up-to 10 different fields from your Orders and/or Consignments
  • Cherry-pick Transportation Details, Artifact Ids and Custom Properties you want to show in any of your documents

Custom Properties

  • Define any number of Custom Properties using Catalogues
  • Link Catalogues or Custom Properties to Sales Consignments and Purchase Consignments, just like you do for Quotations and Orders
  • You just extended your forms dynamically – new fields show up in your Consignment forms


  • All Carrier details like Transporter, Vehicle details, enclosure details, etc. now available as placehodlers
  • Enhanced support for exports – all above fields available from Pre-Carrier, Carrier and On-Carrier

Cost Accounting

  • Our constant enhancement in this critical area continues
  • Robustness vetted in multiple modules
  • Integration with different modules added and solidified

Our excitement increases as each new scenario is added to the product. It pleases us immensely to demonstrate the value CarbonShelf can bring to you and your business. Learn more about CarbonShelf on our website.