April 28, 2021



  • Validate cumulative quantity in consignment to be less than or equal to total quantity in Order
  • Perform similar validation for returned quantity – it must be less than or equal to what was delivered.
  • Reject consignment if validation fails

Custom Validation

  • introduced custom validation – restrict stock-items in child voucher to belong to parent voucher
  • Enable this validation in any child voucher to your liking; use it in custom vouchers to define your validation sets.


Reporting Period Management

  • Significant enhancements to further simplify carry forward and bulk ledger creation in any reporting period
  • Broke complex operations further to give control to user to perform discrete steps and self-validate
  • Bug-Fixes in recording opening balances and closing balances

Accounts Inflection

  • Generate accounting entries for return consignments automatically


Performance Optimizations

  • Get your tax reports rendered¬†quickly, thanks to performance enhancements by the team

Code Servicing

  • Cleanup code to make
  • Bugfixes / Security fixes
  • Refactor code to enable simplicity and future development
  • Optimize and remove redundancy for better performance and manageability