November 15, 2022

New Slice of Carbonshelf Functions – GST Essentials App

  • Inquire GSTIN from GST Server to get complete registration information
  • View and Track 3rd Party Returns
  • Track e-waybills and e-invoices
  • Store partner credentials on server for smoother functioning

Public Pages

  • AuthN/AuthZ updates to support public access
  • Menus and related changes to handle requests for public resources
  • Show actions requiring authentication as locked for Demo mode


  • Card based views to make page compatible across platforms, devices and form factors
  • Apply Cards to Customer Directory pages¬†

Performance and Functional Fixes

  • Enhance Caching to also account for public access
  • Optimize working with Transporters in vouchers
  • Account for Returns in all Inventory Reports
  • Apply system configured Decimal places in Inventory Reports
  • Allow adding new products to existing consignments
  • PDF export for sold-stock-age report
  • Company save new tenant issue