July 23, 2019

CarbonShelf hits a major milestone – we proudly announce availability of Cost Accounting! The feature is currently available in experimental mode.

  • Out of the box ledgers for Inventory and Cost of Goods (COGS)
  • Create ledgers for one or more products optionally
  • System automatically creates Inventory and COGS ledgers for products you have chosen for Cost Accounting
  • Get Cost Price for each product for each consignment, in real time.
  • Complex scenarios like adjusting accounting and Cost for returned (Sold or Purchased) are accounted for.

This is tremendous progress by our team. The potential of this feature is to redefine the way you look at your business on a day to day basis. A lot of hard work is going on to make such complex features available to our esteemed customers, to use with same ease and simplicity that you have come to know CarbonShelf for. The functionality offered will resonate with your business and provide insights in real time.