November 24, 2018

We are excited to announce a new release of CarbonShelf with significant additions in product features and improvements to quality.

Some highlights are:


Yes, we heard you! Our current Single Entry Accounting System is sufficient to maintain customer and stock ledgers. This experience will be enhanced many folds with a Double Entry Accounting System complimenting our awesome list of features. You will soon be able to reap much more than you sow! This will be a slow migration, but for those of you who are excited to get a glimpse, the feature is now available in ‘Experimental Mode’.

Orders and Consignments

  • Logistics 1PL, 2PL :  Get more control on transportation of your consignments by capturing expanded data in addition to payload, enclosure, vehicle. Manage your logistics partner for each consignment, be it an exports freight forwarder or a local transporter. Enjoy simple and up-to-date transporters’ ledger anytime by letting the software handle the cumbersome entries for costs like Freight, Shortage, Penalty, Demurrage, Labour, Loading, and any other.
  • Expanded consignments lets you save multiple batch numbers for same product and add/update products in existing consignments.


  • Dashboard : We continue to improve experience in showing insights about the enterprise. Trend Charts gives comparative analysis like Sale vs. Purchase, Orders Vs. Deliveries, etc. Easily comprehend and remember trends with simplified visual representation of complex data in real-time. It will empower you to communicate situation in better way and make adjustments quickly to track to your goals.
  • Manufacturing : Record your sampling and Q/A data in online or offline fashion, along-side transformation. Save time by getting statistical analysis like mean, Standard Deviation, Variance in real time, automatically. Make data available to stakeholders easily to get attention and guidance as required.
  • Taxes and GST : Summary of all taxes, including GST, that you have incurred and/or paid.

We truly appreciate the valuable feedback our customers are providing to us. We strive hard to incorporate all the feedback…please keep sending

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