April 23, 2020

We sincerely hope you and your families are safe and healthy during this time of pandemic. Times are rough, and we are all in this together.

At CarbonShelf, we are fortunate to be able to follow our passion and work towards our goal. Our work is online, that helps us be able to work anywhere, anytime. CarbonShelf does just that for enterprises – keeps business available at all times, anywhere, on any device!

Our team has been working, harder than ever, to help you transition into the new fiscal year smoothly and with confidence. Here is a gist of enhancements made recently:

Reporting Periods

Take charge of managing your Reporting Periods easily and with confidence. We started with this single purpose, and defined broad rules to achieve it:

  • The process should be simple
  • The process should be repeatable
  • The process should be testable – ability to exercise what-if scenarios
  • The process should be ‘steppable’ – broken down into smaller discrete steps

With careful planning, arduous implementation and diligent deployment, we are close to that goal. With pride, we present a set of new features to you:

  • Create new reporting periods, for any number of companies, any dates, any time
  • Import Ledgers in new reporting period, from any other reporting period
  • Import Stock-Items in new reporting period, from any another reporting period
  • Update Ledger Opening Balance from another reporting period
  • Update Stock-Item Opening Balances from another reporting period
  • Update Stock-Item Closing Balance of chosen reporting period
  • Promote Stock-Items Closing Balances to corresponding Ledgers

Time and Region

  • Date-time now stored to the seconds granularity, consistently, system-wide
  • Track your orders, consignments, even accounting entries, to the second when entry was made
  • Keep tabs on your remote offices and remote staff by time

Image Gallery

  • Make working in CarbonShelf lively and intuitive by adding images
  • Add as many ‘Albums’ as you need. Each album can store as many images as you want – no limit!
  • Attach album to products – to get Product Gallery
  • Get organized by storing product specific cross sections, schematic diagrams, blue prints, display images, etc.


  • Current Stock Age
    • See age of each chunk of your currently available stock
  • Enhancements 
    • Enahanced, consistent on-screen user interface for all the report
    • Page, filter, search in consistent manner
    • Huge performance improvements, to make searching and filtering faster
    • Export all reports in consistent fashion in pdf, csv or excel formats
    • Raise the bar for professionalism with high quality pdf files to share with your customers, vendors or your staff

Online  Gateway

  • Contact Us Form
    • Your potential customers, anywhere in the world, can now connect directly with you
    • Your website, hosted by CarbonShelf, is now built with a ‘contact us’ form
    • Configure your email address and let customers come to you!
  • Products Page now also shows Product Image like in typical E-Commerce site
  • Digital Marketing
    • Connect your company’s social networking pages with your website
    • Let your customers and vendors into your social network, to build trust and respect.


  • All reports
    • Most of our critical reports are now available on website, for you to learn and use.
    • Reporting is never-ending, we frequently add new reports. If you see something missing, ask us. Chances are that we already have it, or we can enable you to get the data easily using existing reports
  • Resources Page
    • Learn how CarbonShelf simplifies managing the ‘R’ in ‘ERP’

Times are changing, and events like the current pandemic are unprecedented. The cost to humanity is enormous and running enterprises challenging. It is prudent to promote Science and Technology, embrace change and invest in process and best practices and be prepared for natural disasters with a business continuity plan. CarbonShelf is our effort to contribute and help communities weather in difficult times.