July 17, 2020

As promised, we continue to align our efforts to help you manage your Production processes Easily, Remotely and in a Secure way.

Production Topology

  • Create work-stations, each representing specific production activity
  • Create hierarchy between stations with parent/child relationships
  • Group work-stations together
  • Collectively, above features can be used to define your physical shop-floor setup as a production topology in CarbonShelf


  • Transfer raw materials and finished goods between work-stations
  • Run Transformations on work-station to convert assigned raw material to finished goods
  • Review Inventory Ledgers and other inventory reports for any work-station

We continue to extend above features dramatically and integrate with other sub-systems. Be part of this journey as Carbonshelf evolves to stitch your business processes. Let us know if you are interested in experimenting these features and see how you can use them and we’ll get it rolling for you.