April 24, 2019

This week’s upgrade enhances your orders and consignments’ end-to-end scenarios to handle pre-order and post-delivery events.

Orders and Consignments

  • Ensure correct orders are placed by sending Sale / Purchase Order as booked in software, to customer. 
  • Manage returned goods and merchandise easily with simple processes to record them just like another consignment
  • Watch returns reflected in accounts and inventory automatically


  • Print following new documents from within the forms:
    • Sales and Purchase Orders
    • Credit Note, Debit Note
  • Draft customized forms of Sales and Purchase orders in letter format
  • Document Configuration
    • Carrier details now available in two versions for your documents
    • Domestic version with Transporter, Bilty #, Vehicle details
    • Exports Consignments with Enclosure, Seal Number, Vessel, Pre-Carrier, Carrier and On-Carrier details
    • Configure columns you want to display in payload, adjust width of columns for prettier documents


  • New placeholders for your documents
    • Payload – add payload table in any document and build complete consignment specific documents
    • Customer Order Number and Customer Order Date

Bug Fixes

  • Inventory transactions not visible for previous month
  • filter records in your reports

As we enhance the mainstream scenarios with extended functionality, we also keep bringing up the quality, robustness and scalability of the software by continuously updating our code and algorithms.