May 22, 2021


Freeze Voucher

  • Freeze and unfreeze any voucher during voucher processing
  • Based the action within workflow state changes to automatically lock vouchers
  • Once frozen, voucher will not be editable until un-frozen



  • Titlebar in all pages for consistent experience of button placement for actions on pages and reports

Filters in exported pdf

  • Customize your report to your liking using various filtering knobs provided with the report
  • See all your filters nicely in tabular format in exported report for reference and organization
  • Filters appear in reports in consistent format in every report for ease of use

Messaging and Notifications

Email Notification

  • Enhanced format with clearly showing transacting party in voucher notification email to business users

User Interface

  • Lot of fit-n-finish work in several pages to align with theme and style for consistent experience