December 11, 2018

We are delighted to present you with new features and enhancements in our Cloud Service, that will simplify your enterprise processes. Here are the highlights:


  • Double Entry Accounting System is now available to all
  • Start instantly with default out of the box configuration¬†
  • Maintain accounts for multiple companies, including full fledged accounts for your customers as well! Now, how cool is that
  • Adjust reporting periods according to your needs and required controls, be it monthly, quarterly, annually or any custom period
  • Satisfy regulatory authorities by providing data quickly from previous reporting periods – just switch into the accounts and reporting period and extract what you need.
  • Reconcile your entries with your Bank statements
  • Create custom groups, sub-groups, ledgers and entry types
  • Get Balance Sheet, Profit & Loss statement, Trial Balance
  • Lookup ledger entries, Ledger Statements scoped to time periods, with opening and closing balances

Item / Product

  • Define multiple alternate Unit of Measurement (UOM) for all of your products, in addition to primary UOM
  • Add conversion factor, and Voila! now you have the ability to review your products quantities in multiple units. 
  • Define constraints like min, max, range, present/absent on product specifications


  • Enforce Quality Control with In-Process Sampling and/or Acceptance Sampling of your raw material as well as finished goods.
  • Record observations and measurements per sample extracted from incoming material, manufactured goods or outgoing consignments
  • Spot samples with errors easily with automatic constraint validation and color-coding of non-conforming samples


  • Review quality metrics from samples selected over any given period of time in easily comparable table formats
  • Get basic statistical data like mean, variance, standard deviation for quality metrics from any number of samples
  • Review all transformation jobs over given time; see output quantity in multiple units so you can relate to input quantity easily.
  • Product-Wise GST deducted / paid
  • View trends over longer periods in dashboard – 3M, 6M, 9M and 12M.
  • Export reports in pdf format and share easily over email and/or WhatsApp