September 2, 2019

Lord Ganesha is here, watching us. His blessings are evident in tremendous progress we have made in some of our most awaited and anticipated features. We are sure you are looking forward to these exciting features as well.

Transformations / Manufacturing

  • Get excited if you are into Manufacturing. Cost Accounting now integrated with Transformations
  • Define your manufacturing formula with raw materials and finished goods. We call it a Recipe
  • Create Inventory ledger per stock item or one for the group
  • Cost of Goods Manufactured calculated and attributed automatically
    • Automatic calculation of total input cost based on raw material actual cost and quantity
    • Spread total input cost to one or more finished goods (including scrap and wastage)
    • deduct cost of each raw material from corresponding inventory ledger
    • Register Cost of Goods Manufactured for each of the produced item in it’s ledger
  • Cost of Goods Sold (COGS)
    • upon sale of manufactured product, total Invoiced amount automatically split between Income, COGS and Taxes
    • See actual profits for every transaction, in real time.
    • COGS ledger can be maintained per product or for the group

Multi Premise

  • Manage multiple premises / locations (like factories, warehouses / etc.) together
  • Receive inventory into any premise.
  • Give batch number for every consignment of incoming inventory
  • While selling, pick batch available in origin premise
  • Book Job Orders per premise
  • Run Transformation for job order, also per premise
  • Inventory consumed and Inventory produced during transformations accounted per premise

We have a lot more in pipeline in this area. We promise to deliver awesome features that will make business operations more deterministic, predictable and agile. We hope to empower you to make proactive decisions and maneuver business activities with better control at good times as well as dark times.