August 21, 2019

CarbonShelf is building a community of like-minded people harnessing each other’s strength for the betterment of all involved. Communities grows in sustainable and powerful ways when interests are aligned and goals shared. We are playing our part by digging deeply in different enterprises to draw commonalities in processes, bake them in software, deploy on solid infrastructure so you get the best of the breeds solution to work with.

Special thanks to Shri Amitji Sarda of Hyderabad for taking time and providing us valuable feedback.

Sales Module

  • Prepare detailed Sales Quotation
  • Download and share over email, or print and send a copy in your custom stationary
  • Clone Sales Quotation, for successive order with a click of a button.
  • Convert Sales Quotation to Sales Order with a click of a button
  • Clone Sales Order with a click of a button.
  • Revamped Order edit page to be consistent with Order Add page. Consistency implies simplicity!

Purchase Module

  • Incoming inventory automatically gets assigned to the premise where consignment is received. No more manual steps to assign inventory to premises.

Vouchers and Consignments

  • Configure and control precision of any numeric field – weight measures, financial amounts, etc.
  • Configure and control grouping of numeric fields in format your desire – ##,###,### or ###,###,### or any other custom format. Also change the grouping separator per your geographic requirements.


A new Artifact type added for Sales Quotation. All the goodness of Artifacts are also available for Sales Quotation

  • provide custom series
  • add Reporting Period to series automatically, with configuration
  • generate Sales Quotation number automatically or provide one manually


  • Print Sales Quotation
  • Customize Sales Quotation to your liking.
  • Better yet, build your own format from scratch using our built-in tools


  • Pending Invoice Reports
    • Check Receivables and Payables
    • Filter by date to get receivables pending for 30 / 60 / 90 and beyond days
    • Check unpaid invoices by particular customer or vendor
  • Cost Accounting gets more meat with integration with other components. This is work-in-progress; keep looking for updates in this space.
    • Integration with Transformations so Cost of Goods Manufactured is recorded automatically
    • Integration with Company Premises and Product Batch, so COGS can be identified per product, per warehouse, per product batch.


Support for multiple facilities – record Job Orders and Transformation per factory / facility

Our product has matured and rich enough to challenge most of the available and seasoned online solutions. However, our goals are higher. While we are at it, we want to hear from you – what is your pain point in running your business, what would you like to see in software solution, what is your concern in adopting a modern solution, or how is the weather today? Keep sending your feedback and suggestions!