February 18, 2019

Welcome to the productivity edition of CarbonShelf – the new release enhances your productivity with simple yet powerful new features.

Document Management

  • Simplified working with documents better organization so you can be focused and efficient
    • Easy navigation with top-level Documents group in menu
    • Find all document related actions within the group
    • Dedicated page to quickly view and print all documents for any consignment.
  • Define new documents with custom text and format on your own. No more dependencies on pre-formatted documents
  • Furnish documents in layout that your customer wants by defining alternate layouts for the same document
  • Store multiple configuration sets for a document so you can print the correct fields for stage of processing.
  • Configuration
    • GST compliance with second address for Consigner, State code
    • Add / edit foot notes like declaration
    • Enable / disable canned foot-notes like Bank Account, License and Registrations
    • Show / hide logistics details like seal #, etc.
    • Show / hide FOB Value
  • Customization
    • Exporter’s Reference Number
    • Number of Packs
    • Package numbering
    • FOB Value

Watch out this space for more powerful updates coming up!


  • Integrated Double Entry Accounting System with your Business Process! Save Consignment and immediately get updated Balance Sheet! all accounting entries will be done automatically in the background to give you immediate results.
  • Data-Driven Accounting – state of the art and highly customizable engine to effect accounting entries you want upon occurrence of an event
  • Automatically create Ledger accounts as you create Companies and Taxes for your business process


  • Certificate of Origin – Mumbai
  • Tabulated Inspection Report per product in consignment

The features above are stepping stone for building more complex systems that will have tremendous potential to significantly optimize your processes. we shall continue working in these area in next release.