February 07, 2020

Theme of this release – Online Payments!

Enable your business to make / accept payments quickly and smoothly, with ease and confidence. CarbonShelf expands its reach, venturing into new domain and building seamless integrated solution. CarbonShelf is now UPI-Enabled and facilitates instant online payments, using QR Codes which is ideal for P2P and P2M scenarios. 

Why UPI?

  • UPI is growing very fast as a preferred mode of online payments in India
  • Offers one of the cheapest transaction cost for digital payments in the industry
  • World-class technology that is recognized internationally, commended and watched by the likes of Google, Bank of International Settlements (BIS) and renowned economists.
  • Excellent 24×7 coverage, now poised to go international, with implementation beginning in Singapore and UAE
  • Simple, Reliable, well supported

Online Payments

  • Make Payments
    • Automatically generate qr code for any of your vendor
    • Use any of your bank app to make the payment by simply scanning the qr code.
  • Receive Payments
    • Publish your qr-code on CarbonShelf generated website, automatically
    • More details below in Online Gateway section
  • Payment QR in Invoice
    • Generate modern online-payment enabled invoices
    • Dynamically generated qr, specific to invoice can optionally be added automatically to all your invoices
    • Amount and Transaction reference number (like invoice number) embedded inside the qr so customer can easily relate to while making payment
  • Navigation
    • Navigate to vendor’s payment page easily from consignment page to make instant payment

Online Gateway

  • Payments Page
    • Simplify your payments, accept online payments
    • Direct your customers to your payments page
    • Your custom website integrated with CarbonShelf now comes with a Payment Page
    • Built Automatically from your UPI configuration in CarbonShelf
    • Diplays your UPI QR Code prominently


  • Stock Level Report
    • Easily find low and high inventory level for any stock-item
    • See all stock-items together with level indicator, or filter to see only items low in stock or too high in stock.
    • Set and Forget – configure high and lowthresholds for each stock-item once and monitor the levels in report
  • Inventory Flow Reports
    • Visualize turnover in volume of a Product, Packaging, Batch or Virtual Product (Group of Products)
    • Slice time in smaller buckets to view of product inventory with Opening, In, Out and Closing levels per bucket
    • Monthly buckets for cumulative view of several products, Daily bucket for given Stock Item
    • Get data across entire reporting period, or select time-span
    • Scope to single premise/warehouse, or summary from all premises
    • Reports Available multiple grouping levels with ability to filter or custom group

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