December 08, 2020


Recipe and Transformation Artifact

  • Upgrade your Recipes and Transformations to be first class Artifacts for automated numbering and historical tracking
  • Attach workflow on these new artifacts and bring them to life with complete custom processing cycles, events and actions

Recipe Versioning

  • Let your recipes evolve while still keeping track of historical ones with versioning.
  • Recipe once used for transformations can now not be changed. Keeps integrity of data for reporting and tracking
  • Review the parent / child relationships to see how your recipes have evolved
  • Maintain different versions of recipes for same output product, to be used in different production cycles


  • Print BOM, Recipe, Transformation
  • Export to any other format like pdf


Multi-Currency Support

  • Add entries in foreign currency using the native Entry form
  • Configure exchange rate within the entry, or pull exchange rate from the Inventory voucher for which entry is being added


Account Inflect Workflow Action

  • Take control of when an Inventory voucher is reflected in accounting system
  • Add entries into accounting system upon workflow state change
  • Configure per voucher which state change should inflect accounting system