August 16, 2020

Introducing, Carbonshelf State Machine Workflows!

We continue to demonstrate our thought-leadership. With our ability to envision and implement complex technologies into simple features, we have made CarbonShelf simple to use, versatile for any industry and powerful to make a positive impact to business.

We are proud, humble and satisfied to bring this next release of CarbonShelf to you:

Business Process

State Machine Workflow

  • Control complete lifecycle of your critical forms and document with State Machine Workflows
  • Define possible states for any given Artifact – Draft, Review, Approved, Closed or any other of your liking
  • Impose ordering on states with transition definition – Draft can move on to Review only; from Review state, move to Draft or Approved but not to close.
  • Customize for your specific to your industry and business process.
  • Inject custom action like authorization between any two states. State change will be contingent upon successful completion of action


  • Enforce authorization on any form
  • Consider Logistics approve GIN, QA approve Acceptance and Store acknowledge Receipt of consignment – all with just configuration.
  • Control Authorization with sophisticated custom roles and permissions that you define
  • Configure where in the lifecycle of the form you want authorization with ability to add authorization for different stages with different people.

Roles and Permissions

  • Define custom Permission tags to be used to control specific authorization
  • Build custom Roles specific to your enterprise, with custom Permissions that you have defined
  • Assign any number of roles to a user

User Interface

  • Simplified user-interface so user can know the current state of form easily
  • Tight enforcement of authorization by making only the states allowed for user visible


  • Impose custom Business Process as defined above on any Artifact
  • Get control on how dates for all Artifacts are populated with simple configuration
  • Apply Auto / Manual / Hybrid modes, just like you did for Artifact Series / Serial Number


Advanced Search

  • Complex search for any voucher based on a variety of Company Resource Parameters
  • Search criteria includes deep roots for resources, like product-code, specs, premises, voucher-type, and more.

Inventory Reports for Station Groups

  • Review all inventory reports, including stock ledgers per production node
  • Club your nodes in a group to represent, say, a sub-unit in your production facility and review cumulative inventory reports for the entire group

Online Gateway

Product Detail with Image Gallery

  • Display detailed information, pictures of each product to the world with newly developed Product Detail Page
  • Do all this, with virtually zero effort. CarbonShelf will use your product specifications and albums to build the page
  • Delight your customers, simplify your marketing and ease your sales with online published Product Details
  • Leverage Google Search Engine to expand reach with online availability of your product information.

UI Enhancements

  • Intuitive index entries for master tables to indicate editable and non-editable rows
  • Consistent Artifact-Bar across all critical forms for ease of working and reviewing

Our features are ready to take on your Production processes. However, we have more in pipeline to derive richer and intuitive experiences out of the data. We encourage you to start playing with the features and share your feedback. Help us do our best in what we aspire for.