March 4, 2019

We continue enhancing our productivity edition that was started in the last release with new features that will delight you.

Document Management

  • Placeholders
    • This highly anticipated and awesome feature is now available
    • Specific information about orders and consignment, like Order Number, Consignment Amount, etc., available as Placeholders
    • Fill Dynamic data in custom documents with Placeholders
  • Customize number formatting
    • Need to use/show 4 decimal places in rates (or any other numeric field), instead of 2? you got it!
    • Set grouping for numbers in client format, like 123,456,789.00 instead of 12,34,56,789.00 or vice versa,  so it is easy to read. 
  • Create richer Custom Document
    • Enhanced edit widgets for better looking documents
      • Fonts and Styles
      • Text Coloring
      • Quotes and Bullets
    • Add custom text to footers with pre-set styling that match document formatting
  • Multi-Currency
    • Configure documents to show numbers in currency you desire. The system will automatically apply rate conversion and show numbers in the correct currency
    • Print same document in multiple currencies – submit invoice in INR to customs, in USD to customer
  • Apply regional taxes to invoices while generating document.

System Settings

  • Exchange Rates
    • Define Exchange Rate for any currency from any currency.
    • Store Effective Date so historical values can be saved and used


  • Print Accounting Vouchers – Payments, Receipts, Journal, Contra
  • UI fit-n-finish

Bug Fixes

  • Balance Sheet column placement was reversed.

We hope the features and enhancements above will help you define your processes and have your team’s time utilized for business activities. We solicit your feedback on how these features are helping you and what else would you like to see.