August 15, 2022

Origin Scoped Apps 

  • Big infrastructure push to scope and bundle functionality together, which can then be accessed via predefined static origin name. 
  • Significant enhancements in bottom-most layers – authentication, authorization, subscriptions, role management

Digital Signature mobile app and PWA 

  • Use our signature service on any device now. 
  • Android mobile app and corresponding PWA available 

Licenses and Registrations 

Define complex types of licenses and registrations, to depict real-world scenarios. This will help configuring and maintaining system easily and intuitively. Various levers now available are: 

  • Define custom configuration for a Partner integrated with Carbonshelf 
  • Define licenses provided by Partners that are registered with Carbonshelf 
  • Elevate any of your existing companies as an Authority that can provide registrations. Define a name for such registrations 
  • Add registrations for your and your customer’s premises. 

GST API implementation 

  • Search-Tax-Payer 

Accounting Reports Bug-Fixing 

  • Opening Balance mis-reported in some reports.