July 04, 2020

Businesses and Production Plants are restarting and with it new ways of doing business are emerging:

  • We need to plan, run and monitor your production facility remotely
  • We need to enhance and organize communication with our customers and vendors
  • We need to minimize physical touch points, paper trails within premise as well as with third-party

There are more, but the verdict is clear – old ways of working need to change! We must bring in Technology, harness the power of Cloud and be prepared with Business Continuity Plans.

Carbonshelf is with you and the latest release will help you in your ‘Mission Restart’

Inventory Transfer

Inventory Transfer

  • Transfer your inventory to other internal premises, easily
  • Review inventory data per premise at any granularity – Product, Packaging or Batch
  • Review inventory ledger for any premise at any granularity – Product, Packaging or Batch


Live Document

  • Continuation of enhanced Shared Documents Feature, where you can share link of a document with third-party (vendors, customers)
  • Make the shared document a Live Document
  • Product name linked to the public products page in your Carbonshelf hosted website
  • Need more links? Just ask!

Linked Documents

  • Add a link to related document in any document.
  • When primary document is shared, the recipient will be able to access linked documents as well
  • Use this feature to extend Carbonshelf to your vendors and get your consignments packaged for simplified inward processing
  • Create new ‘Label Document’ and add it as linked document to your Purchase Order
  • Share your Purchase Order as a ‘Live Document’ with your vendor
  • Vendor can now access Purchase Order online, and also has link to each product’s label
  • Ask vendor to print the label and stick it to your shipment boxes

Product Document

  • Prepare product specific documents
  • Various Placeholders available, like Product Codes, Product Specifications, Product Image, Product QR Code
  • Use it to prepare label with image and qr-code, or product literature
  • Share it with vendors and customers – directly or by linking it with other related documents

Vehicle Management

  • Add your own vehicles to the system
  • Manage essential documents related to vehicle, like vehicle picture, Registration Certificate, Insurance, etc.

Authentication and Authorization

  • Loads of enhancements in authentication and authorization flow
  • Your public website is now even more secure – all traffic tunneled through online gateways

We have re-aligned our direction, and re-prioritized investments in areas that help you manage your business remotely and efficiently. We are here to help – if you are struggling with a scenario, we’d like to hear and see if software can simplify.