March 09, 2021

Diagnostics, Troubleshooting and Tooling

Inventory Chunks Refresh

  • Inventory chunks store discrete information about allotment of inventory from purchase to sale
  • Refresh the allotment as needed to fix inventory assignment to sale or to fix COGS
  • Tool run validation and shows broken chunks that can be fixed with a click of a button

UI Enhancements and Bug Fixes


  • Introduced a new navigation bar for all pages. We call it Titlebar
  • Sectioned, to contain title for the page, optional menu and optional action buttons
  • Added in all pages for consistent navigation experience and extensibility for complex actions
  • Context Sensitive – only options relevant for the page appear


  • Update all Accounting pages to use toolbar for consistency with Inventory and other modules
  • Gets consistent way to filter data in reports across the application

Reports and Charts

  • Dashboard charts numbers were off. Now they report correct data

Ledger Statement Report

  • Added narration column in Ledger Statement report
  • Remove ledger name of selected ledger in ledger statements. Saves space while reviewing / exporting the report
  • When an entry has multiple items, show most appropriate ledger name in ledger statement. Currently, the first one was being picked up
  • Fancier data-export into pdf, fancier view that is consistent with other tabulated reports


  • Fixed incorrect date with inventory reporting