June 21, 2019

Monsoon breeze is bringing relief from scorching sun. With cool new features, CarbonShelf takes another leap in simplifying business processes with software.

Custom Fields

Ever had a need to record custom data in your forms that are specific to your business process. Like, one of your large customers imposing a requirement that you add their reference numbers to all your documents? Well, you don’t have to ask software vendor to change your software to accommodate such customizations. Custom Fields are here to rescue!

  • Define catalogue of Custom Fields
  • Add unlimited number of custom fields
  • Attach Custom Fields catalogue to Sales Order, Purchase Order, Consignment
  • Fields will show up auto-magically in the respective forms the catalogue was attached to. Add / Edit values for each of the fields from right within the forms.


Storing custom fields in software serves no purpose unless you have a way to use them

  • Custom Fields available as placeholders in documents
  • Go ahead and use the Custom Fields in your documents – Invoices, Delivery Memos or any any other standard document
  • Want more? define a custom document with your text and payload details, for that pesky customer with their specific reference number in the document!


  • Record Payments and Receipts for Invoices/Consignments conveniently from directly within the Entry form.

Keep watching this space for more upcoming features as we roll them out in steady and consistent stream. CarbonShelf has demonstrated to be a reliable and effective business partner with consistent releases of high quality features that are thought through to be simple yet powerful.