March 11, 2020

Theme of this release – Reporting and Analytics!

CarbonShelf wishes you a very happy and safe Holi!

End of reporting period is approaching; and with it the increasing in need for data, reports and analysis. CarbonShelf is prepared to walk through the year end process with you. Our instantaneous, dynamic and real time data attribution processes have kept your books tidy and financial statements available the moment data was punched in. Our technology provides you and your tax professionals simplicity and flexibility to be efficient and work anytime, anywhere to get the task done. All this is reflected in our motto – Technology at Forefront, Data Paramount!


  • Data Playground for Analytics
    • Build you own reports – pick dataset, choose pivot field and report is ready
    • Sample reports provided for Customer Licenses, Product Codes and Product Specifications. Need custom dataset, ask for it.
    • Export your custom report to pdf, download raw data in excel for further analysis
  • Stock Aging
    • Track purchase date of each lot across reporting periods
    • Get detailed break-down of each lot, with age and gain for each sale
    • Build report for all products, specific product or filter by date range
    • Export to pdf and share, export to excel for more analysis
  • Flexible Inventory Reports
    • Build you own report by slicing and dicing inventory reports based on a variety of parameters
    • Drill down from your custom view to get more granular view
    • Multi-step drill-down to make the data more comprehensible, leading all the way to voucher
    • View data across organization or specific premise; product group, product or product batches; across reporting period or specific date range
  • Enhanced and Consistent Export Experience
    • Rich true PDF reports for your corporate reporting and publishing
    • Excel and CSV for the passionate power users

Migration and Integration

  • Bulk import orders executed by Anand Rathi directly into CarbonShelf
  • Automatically calculate commission, taxes and COGS
  • Attribute to proper ledger for financial reporting

Go ahead, spread the joy of love with colors of Holi. Leave the grunt work to our able hands.