July 26, 2020

We blaze through our committed features to simplify Production Processes. Barely a week since last blast, we are out with more.

Sincere kudos to our awesome team which has been working hard to bring these to light for you.



  • Simplified creating groups of production nodes
  • Bulk-edit in any direction – assign stations to groups or group to stations

Chained Recipes

  • Manage your recipes easily – break recipe into simpler, common pieces for different finished goods
  • Define full-fledged recipes for your intermediate products using the common recipes
  • Stitch recipes together to build a trees of recipes

Bill of Material

  • Review raw material required for any finished good or intermediate product
  • Play with what-if scenarios, by changing finished good quantity to get raw material required, instantaneously.

Controlled Inventory Transfer

  • Set authorizations on any production station for what raw material can they be assigned
  • Simply assign recipe to stations and authorization will take effect automatically
  • easily assign in bulk, in any direction – recipe to stations or station to recipes


Product Batches

  • Review available inventory in each batch
  • Inventory data available per premise or for arbitrarily grouped stations in production shop-floor

Product Group Inventory

  • Review inventory for a group of interesting products, like Finished Goods
  • Filter the data for a premise or for arbitrarily grouped stations in production shop-floor


  • Added placeholders for packagings
  • define label and other documents also for packaging now, in addition to products

User Interface

  • Mobile Ready – all dashboards, key reports and actions can be easily taken from mobile device

Our investments in internal processes are well aligned with all the features developed for interaction with external world. The fact that we can quickly churn out complex feature sets is a testament to our technical strength, team’s willingness and support from customers to share their insights. We are keen and eager to help enterprises grow by leveraging the power of software. We look forward to your feedback on all the new features.