January 11, 2021

Document Management System

Voucher Supplements

  • Manage auxiliary documents related to Vouchers within the voucher
  • Store pdf or scanned image of document with each voucher
  • Define new document types in the system which will represent auxiliary document for the voucher
  • Configure which document supplement will go with which voucher type
  • add / edit / view supplements right from within voucher

Messaging and Notifications

Email Notifications

  • Notify management or customer with automated emails
  • Kick-off email based on work-flow state change. Configure which state change will trigger email
  • Different workflows can be added to different voucher-types. As such, trigger point for email can be customized per voucher type


Financial Statement

  • Balance Sheet exportable as true pdf

Deductible Taxes

  • Add customized taxes like Discounts, TDS, TCS
  • Deductions applied automatically in voucher entry forms
  • Automatic ledger assignment and dr/cr entry managed for deductible taxes



  • Added several more placeholders from Vouchers to enable deeper customization of documents

Document Management

Bulk Upload

  • Upload any number of images in a single operation with bulk upload functionality
  • Mix files of different types of images; no need to filter or be restricted to just jpg

Customer Website

Complete Redesign

  • All pages redesigned for a much more professional look out of the box
  • Added new pages like Contact Us, Privacy

Stock Status

  • Show stock status, directly from ERP into the public Product page
  • Status shown as Available / Not Available