October 20, 2019

A couple of weeks back, while revamping our website, it occurred to us – our customers would benefit immensely if they also have web presence. And why should they be deprived of opportunities?

Only if there was a way for them to do it quickly, easily and with quality. Our awesome team of engineers took up the challenge and have worked hard to bring to you what you deserve.

Presenting to you – The CarbonShelf One Click Online Gateway! Imagine the possibilities –

Capitalize with CarbonShelf integration capabilities

  • Simple, Effortless, Instant – auto-magically build web content from data in CarbonShelf
  • Easily customizable by you or by professionals
  • Show-case your cool products, along with detailed specifications
  • Make your real-time inventory numbers available
  • One-Stop shop – no additional domain to purchase and/or maintain, web-hosting to worry about 

Expand your audience (and business opportunities) by orders of magnitude. Make your enterprise visible, available and reachable to the entire world!

  • See yourself on Google search results
  • Connect your enterprise with your entire online social circle, instantly
  • Build reputation by sharing the success stories, awards and recognition with your vendors, customers and potential business prospects
  • Simplify doing business with you by sharing your thoughts, philosophy and culture
  • Enable E-Commerce
  • Activate Digital Marketing

It’s hard to over-state the power of this strong integrated end-to-end system

  • Provide simple and consistent interface to Customers, Vendors, Work-force and Management
  • Enhance decision making for your customers with all the information they need available to them
  • Cut through the process by adding transparency and visibility about your products, specifications, available inventory
  • Expand your reach, make yourself available where people can find you, anytime, anywhere

The full-extent of this dream will come live over time. We recognize this is important; we’ve embarked on this journey for you. We’re excited, committed and motivated at the prospects of our customers achieving their full potential. Our dedication and agility is evident in how quickly we turned up a solution this complex for you.

It’s Diwali time, and we’d like to bring joy to your enterprise with what we do the best. On this occasion, we’ll customize your website to your liking, that too, at no additional cost! 

Simplify your business by making CarbonShelf as your one-stop shop for all things you need to run your enterprise