June 01, 2020

The way we do business will change, forever. Business Processes should enable continuity and not inhibit us from doing business when nature unleashes its power.

Our new ‘Resource Sharing’ feature is built exactly to help you work remotely, eliminate touch-points and harness the power of new age. Stop worrying about sharing your business documents over unsecured channels like WhatsApp / email. Plug data-leak from within your organization by using our sharing features.

Shared Documents

  • Share any document outside your organization, securely, confidently and easily.
  • Mark any Document as shareable and it will be available for sharing.
  • Share in different ways – a web link, or a QR Code.
  • Guard each document with a custom set of Challenge questions, that must be answered to gain access to the document via shared link.
  • Dynamic Challenges – Use Placeholders as challenge keys, like Invoice Amount, # of packs, etc.
  • Static Challenges – Define custom challenge as secret shared key.
  • Change Challenge at any time, essentially revoking access to the document.

Document Stationary

  • Design your own letter head and corporate stationary as document.
  • Print as needed at your business premises.

Advanced Search

  • Companies Advanced Search
    • search for a company based on location, licenses, registrations
  • Products Advanced Search
    • search for a product based on code, specifications, category


  • Add your corporate logo to your gateway website.
  • Enhanced Title-Bar with logo, selected company and reporting period.

Bulk Data Import

  • Import Orders and Consignments in any Reporting Period, including the ones in the past.
  • Easily carry-forward the balances from previous reporting periods into current reporting period.

We sincerely hope our new advanced feature sets will help you streamline you business processes. You shall see more integration scenarios that tie our rich features together to deliver more powerful ways to work in future. Keep Watching!